Suwano Ryouko (スワノ涼子Suwano Ryouko) is a classmate of Akira's.

" Like to go see a movie with me, Tsubaki . . . ."



The most telling aspect and noticable feature of Suwano is her 'gentle and soothing' eyes. Tsubaki is absolutely captivated by her eyes and demure, even to the point of accepting a date with her to go see a movie when she asks him.


She speaks to him and he addresses her by name at 18:20 into episode 12. She tells him that he is needed by their teacher Tanaka.

She notices that Akira's large gauze bandage was beginning to peel off. Akira hadn't changed it since the previous day when Urabe put it on for him. Kouhei had also noticed that it hadn't been changed, and offered him some cotton to create a new gauze, yet Akira had refused to do that, confusing Kouhei.

Suwano didn't wait for an answer, and forcibly pulled off the gauze bandage. She then took out a fresh Band-Aid of her own, and applied that in its place. When Urabe looked up from her usualy class nap and examined the situation, this made Akira very nervous that she might be angry or jealous about it.

As Suwano walked Akira to the faculty office, he requested that she give the gauze bandage back. This confused her, as she offered to throw it out for him, but he rejected the offer and insisted she give back the gauze bandage.

Being recklessly sentimental, Akira removed the fresh band-aid applied to his head by Suwano and applied the dirty old gauze bandage from the previous day back in its place. He was wearing it when he met Urabe after school.

It is unknown if he eventually got an infection from this or not.


She has more participation in the manga, she becomes a loving rival for Urabe in the arc of Mysterious Movie Production

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