" Tsubaki-kun ! Do you remember me ? Because I remember you !!! Let's go to a cafe together . . . ."


Aika Hayakawa (早川 愛香 Hayakawa Aika) is a girl who was Akira's classmate and first crush in middle school (junior high school). She knew of his feelings for her, but never told him, and attended a different high school after graduation.


She shows herself with a happy personality, but she often feels lonely and seeks for someone she can trust. Since Tsubaki had a crush on her, she also hoped to start a relationship when Tsubaki told her that he still was single. She is not afraid to let her frustrations out and seek comfort when she is with Tsubaki. Out of all of the cast she has a very possessive personality, faking a bruise to trick Tsubaki to pretend to be her boyfriend for a day and setting it up so Urabe will come to the festival during that time. However, after clearing up everything with her boyfriend they returned to being a couple again. Another note is that she and Tsubaki have similar quirks and behaviour. At the moment she study at Hoshinome Girls' Academy, which is a high school only for girls.


She was initially long-haired, but in episode 10 she met Akira and had cut her hair.


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