Mysterious Affair



The Hoshinome School Festival Story Arc

Relationship milestones

Greatly distraught from losing her boyfriend, Hayakawa deceives Tsubaki with the possibility of a drool bond with her

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( Manga cross-reference---Chapter 28, " Mysterious Adventure",

Chapter 29, " Mysterious Letter of Challenge ", and Chapter 30,

" Mysterious Cultural Festival---The Night Before " )


After Urabe has repeatedly destroyed Tsubaki's copies of his Momoko Imai photo and art books ( Manga Chapter 24 & 26, Anime Episode 9 ), he once again treks to the bookstore to obtain a copy of a magazine featuring the singing idol. As he steps out the door and onto the sidewalk, who should be walking by, but Hayakawa, his old crush from middle school, now looking even more cute and attractive than before, with a short hairstyle and wearing a mini-skirted business suit !!!

He consents to walk with her, and she asks him about friends that they both know. She wants to go somewhere and talk about old times, but Tsubaki's first mistake is agreeing to go. Mistake number two is telling Hayakawa that he does not have a girlfriend, especially when she has just broken up with her boyfriend. The conversation continues, talking about school days way back when, and with a flashback, telling about the funny things that they both did.They talk on a park bench, and in another flashback, Tsubaki illustrates how he idolized her. But now knowing that triggers Hayakawa, and she begins to unexpectedly cry into her hands. When she finally looks up, her face is wet with tears, and SHE IS DROOLING ! Now Tsubaki is triggered, wanting to taste her drool, drool from another girl other than Urabe !



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